Dagor Fyr (pronounced DAY-GOR FEER) is the smallest of all kingdoms, located in the south of Alnor, and neighbours both Var Ebon and [NAME]. Unlike other regions, Dagor Fyr does not boast much in terms of military. The Fyrians pride themselves on skill over size and strength, meaning that the few hundred warriors they do have are expertly trained. It is said that Dagor Fyr was the first kingdom to pursue the practice of healing herbs.

Dagor Fyr Coat of Arms



Dagor Fyr was once a monarchy, ruled absolute from the king's throne in Jewel. The last true king to rule the country died of suddenly of a fever, leaving behind six sons. Unable to choose who would succeed their father, the princes formed a combined government, named the Six Princes.

Positions and Titles

  • The Sapphire Prince - Master of Welfare
  • The Diamond Prince - Master of Trade
  • The Sunstone Prince - Master of Construction and Expansion
  • The Ruby Prince - Master of Diplomacy
  • The Emerald Prince - Master of Medicines
  • The Onyx Prince - Master of War

Other positions of power include the Magistrates, who the Six Princes tend to disagree with often. 


Cultures and Traditions


Allegiances and Enemies

Under the government of the Six Princes, Dagor Fyr has abolished its military alliances.  The Onyx Prince believed they would not have enough men to spare, should war arise. They maintain their trade with Var Ebon and Estogard, though have little to do with Talon and Azhul Aharn. 

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