Alnor, sometimes referred to as the Birthlands, is the continent on which the known world exists. It is neighboured only by [NAME], the only other explored landmass that is known to hold any life; human or otherwise. Alnor stretches roughly 3,200 miles from north to south at it's longest point, and about 2,400 miles from the east to west coasts. 

Geography & Climates

Alnor is a land that possesses all sorts of geographical terrains; marshes, swamps, bogs, mountains, valleys, plains, and the like. It experiences a year consisting of 365 days, with each season lasting roughly 90 days. It suffers humid summers, and freezing winters, especially in the northmost part of the continent.

Alnor boasts three main river systems, the northmost being dubbed River Brine, which has more tributary than both the other rivers combined. It's most extensive tributary is [NAME], which stretches out through [NAME] and through the city of [NAME]. The Brine flows from a few hundred miles inland in the northern part of the continent, before meeting the sea in the bay named The Mouth. The southernmost river, named [NAME] flows from [NAME], to meet The Salt Sea in the south. A smaller river network in the east is dubbed [NAME], with many small tributary's that have been neighboured by farming settlements.

Alnor is divided by several kingdoms. While all are deemed as kingdoms, not all are ran by monarchy. These kingdoms are:




Alnor recieved it's name in the Age of Growth, when the species of the continent spoke a different language to the one they do today. They named the continent Alnor, meaning 'Mother' in their ancient tongue. They viewed the lands they farmed on as their own mother, nurturing and feeding them. In modern days, many have come to coin the land as 'The Birthlands', for it was the place they believe all existence was born. 

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